Thursday, Ougust 6, 2020

Parto Institute of Higher Education

The institute was established in 2008 by admitting students in the field of Architecture with the aim of excellence in further education and research. It is located in Zahedan in the South-East of Iran and about 1600 kilometers from Tehran. The institute facilities are: lecture rooms equipped with overhead projector which can hold about 400 students, computer center, architecture, graphic design and photography ateliers, stamp, mass and illustration communication  workhouses, prayer room, library and photocopying room. It also includes accommodation for students from county and free internet at the computer center. The school intends to extend its activity by adding new courses, expanding facilities and attracting more lecturers (holding PhD or at least MSc degree) in order to boost up the rank of the university.

To contact us: Phone: +98-054-33416113
Fax: +98-054-33416114
Address: Moallem 3, Moallem blvd, Zahedan, Iran